Super Cars

Super Cars Are Here To Stay


Henry Ford is credited with mass producing automobiles with the intention of cheap vehicles, produced quickly, and built to last perhaps a few years. They would then be hauled off to a junk yard and replaced by another low cost vehicle. Ford manufactured sedans, convertibles, sports cars, trucks, and racing cars. The racing variety was intended to promote the line of cars built by Ford. This form of advertisement remains in use today for all auto makers. The car distinction came about with high speed, sporty vehicles that stood out because they had the distinction of being extremely stylish with sleek lines that spoke of speed and class.

Today we see super cars with astonishing price tags!

Modern so called cars can be antiques that are rare and stylish or more modern vehicles with the distinction of being extremely fast and stylish.

According to Wikepedia, Supercar is a term used most often to describe an expensive high end car. It has been defined specifically as “a very expensive, fast or powerful car”.

Historically the Alfa Romeo Monza was dubbed a super car back in 1917 by Car and Track magazine and may be the first to coin the term but others have since described various vehicles as “super” cars according to their taste in automobiles. What designates a car as super? Many enthusiasts state it is high speed while others claim it is the stylish lines of a particular automobile.

Zero to sixty in 3 seconds?

There are a few cars today that can accelerate extremely fast and that garner them the term “super car”. The Lamborghini Aventador with its 690 horse power and zero to sixty speeds of 2.9 seconds gives it definite claim to the car status along with the Ferrari 360 with its own record breaking zero to sixty records of 4.3 and claim of 400 horses under the hood. Many vehicles with car claims can reach extremely high speeds when space allows.

Exotic design brings on historic prices at auction

Henry Ford with his disposable cars never could have dreamed of older models selling for 2 million dollars! Of course those with such high price tags have to be distinctive and specialized to attract buyers. One fine example is the 1986 Trans AM. Modified by the Polly Motorsport Company in Norway this car could definitely claim “super car” status after its transformation into the fastest street legal car in Europe. Modifications allowed it to hit 100 kph in a mere 2.3 seconds and top speed overall of 407.143 kph.

Super cars become pampered pets of distinction

This type of vehicle will most likely never be seen on city streets because they are so expensive and many do not match the criteria to make them “street legal” yet they are beloved by owners and fellow enthusiasts who appreciate the fine lines, powerful engines, and the collectability. Many specialty cars will double their value in a very few years, making them desirable and highly collectable and always will be.

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