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Top Popular Cars to Watch Out for in 2014

The market of electric vehicles has entered its fourth year of successful operation in the year 2014. Call it motivation or anything else- such environment friendly cars are creating a buzz in the market. And with the growing demands, 2014 extends several other models in 2014. Here is a list of top 5 electric cars for the year 2014.

There has been lot of demand for electric cars these days, as it offers fuel economy. Below is the list of top five cars of this year, ruling the EV market. Luxury makers, like BMW, Tesla, Mercedes are trying their best to come up with feasible, affordable electric vehicles.

bmw i3

1) BMW i3

The stylish BMW i3 is so far the lightest EV available in the market. It makes use of a liquid-cooled-kw-hour with a lithium-ion battery, which delivers about 90 miles of range. BMW i3 also comes with a gas engine, which mainly doubles up the range. The electric vehicle is driven around with a good 170 hp electric motor.



2) Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive

Mercedes has a belief that the key to its customers’ heart is in familiarity and hence the B-Class Drive from Mercedes is here. Although it might have a lot in common with Volkswagen e-Golf, the powerful engine and high price would mean that it directly aims at BMW i3.





3) Porsche Panamera S E- Hybrid

This hybrid is certainly first a luxury sports sedan and then a plug-in hybrid. This four seated vehicle is powered by 3.0-liter V6 supercharged gasoline engine, paired with 70kw electric motor. It extends around 22 miles of electric range with a speed of 167 miles per hour



4) Volkswagen E-Golf

Volkswagen E-Golf would be the very first electric car from the brand to enter the market. The automaker is expecting to convince the car-purchasing public that EVs have certainly achieved so much more than just the niche status by introducing an electric drive into the pool of most popular cars in the whole world. However, the commitment of the company to pure electric cars is comparatively less certain when compared to its usage of the plug-in hybrid technology.



5) Tesla Model X

The Model X extended by Tesla is its follow up vehicle to the popular and award winning sedan, Model S. It shares almost 60% of its content with the sedan. Model S is modified and remodeled by converting the sleek and classy Maserati-looking 5-passenger sedan model into a tough and quirky crossover utility vehicle. It is stylish and great.


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