It Might Take Some Convincing to Try Chiropractic Medicine, but the Proof is in the Back Pain Relief

I call my brother about once a week. He lives up north in Pennsylvania where we both grew up. My wife and I moved down south years ago. I like the warm weather and he says he likes the seasons. He seemed a little antsy when I called him a couple of weeks ago. I asked him what was up, and he told me he hurt his back getting up into the bed of his pickup truck. He said it had been raining and he slipped on the tailgate. I told him to go see a chiropractor in Philadelphia where he lives, but he is stubborn.

He spent the next hour telling me how he has been hurting for days because he was delivering a lawnmower he fixed for a friend. He does small engine repair as a hobby. He said he had not missed any work but he sure was moving slow. I know his lower back had been giving him problems for years. Mine used to as well until I started to see a chiropractor. Now my back is stronger and more durable than it was years ago. I told him again to go see a good chiropractor in Philadelphia before we ended our call.

When I called him back the next week, he was feeling a whole lot better. He said that he was not going to do it, but he did decide to go see the back cracker. That is what he calls chiropractors. He likes to make jokes, but he is now convinced about chiropractic medicine. He told me he felt relief from the very first visit. I told him I experienced the same thing, and it took me years to make myself go. I should have just went and tried it long before I did. When my doctor started talking about possible surgery, I made an appointment fast with a chiropractor. I was pleased with the results and was able to avoid back surgery. Now my brother believes me when I tell him chiropractic medicine works.

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