How to avoid problems when booking a hotel online

Every day is more frequent book holidays through internet and browse for hotels that are closest to the tastes and needs of the customer. From five-star accommodations to those more modest , the network serves to check availability of dates, room capacity or prices of the same but may also be some doubts about the reliability or concerns about the final reserve so from the OCU ( organization of Consumers and Users ) proposed ten basic tips to avoid problems.

Compare prices and conditions

The hotel stays can be arranged through their own websites establishments while it is easy to find deals on comparators as Kayak or amusement is where we must pay attention to the prices and conditions offered that can become up to 50 percent lower compared to the actual price of the hotel already being a last minute booking or by specific agreements with the accommodations.


A lower price, less flexibility
Keep in mind that the lowest prices are often linked to less flexibility and more reduced conditions. In such cases the OCU advised to take out cancellation insurance to recover all or at least part of the money invested.
Search for a contact address

It is preferable that the page where the booking is made have an address or telephone contact in Spain to direct us in case of a problem either when making payment or once at the hotel.
Do not trust the customer evaluations

The websites that sell trips typically include customer ratings in most of them can be read both positive and negative of the hotel yet the OCU advised not to rely blindly on this assessment because there may be “manipulation” in the valuations of the clients.
Avoid peak season

At Christmas, Easter and the summer months hotels are different from the rest of the year rates even they vary substantially between June and September being August the most expensive month of the year. The OCU advises distribute the holiday outside these dates and not only save money but enjoy better conditions.

A well-identified web

The page should have clear information on the hotel details. It must be clearly indicated the number of rooms available; possibility of extra beds, price; the services offered by the hotel and the hotel management. One of this good hotel you can visit is hotel in jakarta.
Read the conditions of reservation

The website through which the reservation is made must be clearly identified, so that the consumer knows whether the web of a hotel, an agent or a broker. Carefully read the conditions, and carefully check the price supplements, and in all that relates to changes, cancellations or claims.
Be attentive to the payment

The most important moment is when making payment. You have to make sure to do so through a secure site and with a guaranteed connection. You should get well in the same web page or email, or both plataformas- a receipt of booking payment at the end.
Print reservation

An online book has the same legal value as a traditional contract so it is important to carry proof in reserve role as we would have hired the hotel through a classroom agency.
No clear proofs

If you have a problem with the hotel it is advisable to have compiled all the evidence of contracting the service and your relationship with those who perform, including emails and acknowledgments and all that concerns the stay and always try reach an amicable agreement.


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