Advantages of Buying New Cars

buying new car

If you’re looking to buy a car then you’ve no doubt wondered whether to buy it brand new or used. Both have benefits and drawbacks, and it really comes down to the individual’s circumstances, needs, and wants, as to whether they should purchase a new car or a second hand one.

There is an obvious price gap between the cost of a new car and a used car of the same make and model. With such a big difference, some people choose to buy nearly new but second hand cars. While these are undoubtedly cheaper, there are numerous advantages to buying new cars instead.

Looking at new cars specifically, there are many benefits for the consumer. Whether it’s the choice, the payment options, maintenance issues, or a whole host of other considerations, you may find that buying new is far more straightforward and simple than buying used. With this in mind, the following is a list of the advantages of buying new cars:

1 – Less Maintenance

The biggest benefit of buying new cars is that they are previously unused by other drivers. This means that there is far less chance that your car will require maintenance or repairs at least in the first year or of owning it. Abide by the manufacturer’s guidelines with regards to oil and petrol, and to servicing you shouldn’t face any costly repair bills. What’s more, you don’t have to pay for an MOT as you do with older cars and this can offer another good saving.

2 – Extensive Warranty Coverage

Second hand cars sometimes include a warranty or guarantee from the retailer and you, at least, have the peace of mind that the car you buy should be as it was advertised. However, with new cars you receive extensive warranty coverage from the manufacturer so if something does go wrong you can have it repaired or even replaced in extreme cases and without it costing you.

3 – Improved Rates

If you’re looking to buy new cars but don’t want to part with the initial outlay then you can enjoy improved rates when compared to car loans for second hand cars. With many manufacturers and retailers competing for your business you can shop around to find the very best deal that can provide you with a new car without having to pay too excessive an amount in loan rates.

4 – Greater Choice

Buying new cars is effectively like buying off plan. You can choose the colour, add any trimmings and optional extras that you want, and you might even receive free breakdown cover to boot. When you buy used cars you are basically buying into somebody else’s idea of the perfect car. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find exactly the model and colour of car that you want with the right trimmings and extras.

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