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Hounds online is a new ground-breaking downloadable PC game. I have come across this game very recently, and did catch my attention. In this game, you can gather your friends and form up a team in this hounds game. Hounds refer to humans fighting back against the zombies which have captured most of the world. Their existence date back to the virus which hit the world few years ago. The immediate result was zombies ravaging the world and the death of millions.

However, it is a new time as humans are also putting resistance, and they need more soldiers in their brotherhood. Registration to this game is quite easy. The rest is showing how much you like shooting, and how much leadership you have. Once rising in the ranks, you can easily start joining tournaments with players all around the world. If you feel like being a part of hounds, join us!

Best Deals And Car Reviews at 500k Motors

ford-fiestaOnline world is a very popular and common platform that is being used by consumers of different types for purchasing and selling products or services .Internet  is a great destination for availing any kind of information related with anything. There are more than enough sources which can provide relevant guidance, but users normally seek authentic platforms that can provide them genuine information and their theories should be based on facts. However, there are some websites which take money from sellers and publish positive reviews of even substandard products.

When you purchase a car, then this activity involves a lot of investment of money so one simply can’t take things lightly. While purchasing a car you need to be very careful as this is a very strong investment that you need to make. Cars we need them as they have emerged as important necessities of modern lives. A new model of car arrives in the market every other day and this naturally creates a lot of confusion for purchasers because all makers claim that their product is better and more reliable than others. You need to know the truth because apparently every car look handsome and their makers claim that all the best features have been included in their products.

Keeping this point in mind majority of dealers is known for maintaining online presence. Normally car reviews provide the purchasers ideas in relation to cars and their performance so that users can make a wise decision related with purchase of a vehicle. Users consider internet and various websites the most authentic source for getting car reviews, but they need to understand that many websites don’t follow ethics and work only for money. is the convincing and most ideal destination for getting reviews as of different types of cars and motorbikes. They can emerge as great helpers for you here as you can use their reviews for getting complete information about all the most talked cars of the town.

This is a popular website which has a very strong reputation of providing reviews of latest vehicles that arrive in markets. The 500k Motor reviews every car after giving it a test drive and examining its different functions because of this reason you can reach a conclusion more easily after reading the reviews. This is the best and most compatible website that you can find expert reviews belonging to most authentic sources.  It can be regarded as a smarter way to go with a car by only considering reviews provided by a site that is not authentic.

You are loaded with options, but main problem is to prefer the right option otherwise things can get complicated in the coming future and surely you will not want to regret the decision of buying a car. By any situation large individuals bring autos home without doing any foundation research and make wrong determinations squandering their cash and time.  You have the power of internet with you then why not use it for your own advantage? It is very simple as you only have to click on for getting the review of your favorite car. And then you will be happy because a new vehicle is coming to bring comfort and ease in your life.


Honda City vs. Hyundai Verna – Battle Among Equals

Sedans are among the most popular types of family cars, as they offer great comfort along with huge spaces. In India, owning a sedan also means an elevated status in the society and hence, many people prefer to upgrade to a sedan as soon as they are able to afford one. The general trend in case of owning vehicle is two-wheeler, a hatchback, a compact sedan or a compact SUV, then a premium sedan and luxury SUV.
When it comes to sedans, Honda City and Hyundai Verna are two popular choices for Indian buyers. Both of them come with great features and superior handling, in addition to the great comfort offered by them. Here we are attempting to compare them against one another based on features like cost, engine capacity, mileage and the like.

Cost – Price of a vehicle determines the affordability and hence it is the single most important feature influencing the buying decision. Although this is less significant in case of up market cars, in India, the price of the car can make or break a success story. Accordingly, Honda City is available for a price ranging from INR 7.19 lakh to 11.05 lakh. Verna, on the other hand, costs between INR 7.18 lakh and 11.52 lakh. Even though the Honda City is slightly lower-priced than the Verna, the difference is too low to make any impact.
Engine Specifications – The Honda City runs on a 1498 cc, 1.5-liter i-DTEC diesel engine delivering top power of 98bhp and a peak torque of 200Nm, and is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. Alternatively, the Hyundai Verna Fluidic has a 1582 cc diesel engine delivering a peak power of 126 bhp and a top torque of 260 powering it. This engine also comes mated to a six-speed manual transmission gearbox. Evidently, the Verna has a more potent engine than the City has.
Mileage – Mileage is not a very significant factor for buyers in the higher segment. Despite that, people tend to be obsessed with the economy offered by the car. Accordingly, Honda City returns a best in class mileage of 26 kmpl, while the Hyundai Verna offers a lower mileage of 22.32 kmpl.
Other Features – Hyundai Verna comes with an automatic AC unit, while the City offers only a manual AC unit. Additionally, Verna offers dual airbags, whereas the City offers only one air bag. Nevertheless, Honda City has a bigger boot space than the Hyundai Verna has. Honda City comes with disc and drum brakes on front and rear, whereas Hyundai Verna comes with disc brakes on both front and rear.
In short, Hyundai Verna, even though slightly costlier than Honda City, can be considered a better car in terms of features and comfort.
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