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3 Ways To Upgrade Your Car Audio System

There’s nothing better than getting a new car and taking it on that first drive. The windows are down, wind is blowing through your hair, and your music is playing as loud as it can go. Sure, factory installed car audio systems are generally okay, but that’s just it—they’re just okay, not amazing. For many drivers, music is the only thing that keeps their road rage at bay during rush hour.


Car Audio Speaker

Speakers are really essential to getting your sound where it needs to be. It’s always a good idea to upgrade you car speaker. A good car speaker has a higher frequency response, which means that more music comes through them. They also have more power handling abilities, and will sharpen the highs and deepen the lows in the music. Higher Frequency response means that your car speaker is more protected, as having them under-powered can damage them.

There are two types of car speaker on the market today. There are Dual Cone car speaker and the Two-way car speaker. The Dual Cone has a small paper cone built into a larger cone. A two-way mounts a separate tweeter on the larger cone which creates better sounds quality and a higher frequency response.

Car Audio Amplifiers

Amplifiers are really the backbone of your stereo system. Weak car amplifiers can damage good car audio speakers. Car audio amplifiers provide the musical power, eliminate distortion, and upgrade the sound quality. The size of the car audio amplifiers is proportionate to the power you want from your car audio system. A way to test if car amplifiers are good, is to put them at half-volume and see if you can still hear clear amplification. The more power you have from your amp, the more control you have over your system.

Car Audio Woofer

Subwoofers are always a great addition to an aftermarket car audio system. They really accentuate the bass in music and give it that full, booming sound. Car audio subwoofers come in a variety of sizes. The most common sizes include 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, 15-inch car audio subwoofers. The larger the subwoofer, the lower frequency it will produce. When looking at car audio subwoofers, you should take note of the sensitivity, or how much power you want going into the speakers. The higher the power, the it is better for your speakers. Another aspect of car audio subwoofers that is important to consider when comparing them, is the maximum wattage RMS. Max wattage RMS is how much power the subwoofer can handle. Obviously, the more power they can handle, the more sound they can produce. Hopefully this bit of information on these crucial car audio components has helped you in the selection process. In conclusion, remember to choose a system that fits not only your car’s dimensions, but the dimensions of your budget as well. Good Luck!

Finding the Best Car Audio System

Cars are now equipped with lots of innovations which are products of technology. There are many items to make your car more exciting especially during long driving hours. Most people do love entertainment and this luxury can be enjoyed while on the road by having car audio system. What a pleasure the new technology of car audio system can give such entertainment lovers even during driving. If you are looking forward in purchasing a car audio system, you can follow these hints to make your search easier.


1. Do a research.

Keeping yourself updated with the manufacturers and the best newest car audio system model is significant before making a decision. You can make use of the extensive web portals in the internet to help you find the perfect car audio system that best fit your needs. Moreover, great deals can be found when you are patient enough in searching for several manufacturers, brands and products such.

Check out product reviews and feedbacks of previous consumers as how they are satisfied with the items. It is also good to read and ask to other people through forums related to car audio system. There are times that a particular manufacturer of car audio system is best in producing subwoofers while other providers are much good with amplifiers. In this case, you should make sure that each of them is compatible with the others.

2. Narrow your choices of the car audio system and the provider.

When you are done with your research, you can now narrow down your choices into the best possible car audio system provider. Make list of the names of manufacturers as well as the model of your choice to help you make the comparison when you are making your purchase. This can also be a convenient way of selecting the perfect car audio system.

3. Choose the car audio system which best suits your needs.

The most common connotation that the car owners have is the idea of ‘one car audio system fits all types of vehicles’ which is wrong as it is been showed that each of them differs from one another. You can choose a car audio system ranging from Radio/CD/Cassette/iPod control, source units, Speakers, Amplifiers and Subwoofers. The old days of having a hard time fitting the car audio system into your dashboard is gone.

The new technology of car audio system nowadays allows you to playback iPods and other likes. You can choose from different features to be included in your car audio system. The car audio system that you chose should meet your desires, preferences as well as your budget.

4. Consult a professional.

You can make a consultation with a professional in the company that you have chosen. Ask if the car audio system that you prefer is compatible and possible to fit your car as well as your budget. If the professional suggestion does not meet your budget then you can ask for other car audio system that can be suited to your vehicle and your financial capabilities. You can cut down your choices into two to three car audio system models and from these, you can try some of your favourite CDs along with you to evaluate which sounds the best.

After you have completed all of these, it’s now time to make your final decision and buy the car audio system that will entertain you and your passengers whenever you get inside of the comfort of your car.

Get Better Quality DVD System In Your Car

Have you ever missed a home without a DVD system? You wouldn’t have missed as most of the houses today have got most of the things fixed and installed in their home, right? Nowadays, it’s difficult to find even a single home that have not got DVD player. Leaving home aside there are many people who have installed in car DVD systems. It’s one of the sources of pleasure that entertain most of the people who love to hear different kinds of music and songs.


It is better and one of the latest way to electronically enhance one’s life. Because of audio car installation one is able to carry a pack of entertainment along with them wherever they travel. It’s a strict ‘NO-NO’ to get it installed at the front seat. If you get it installed at the front seat also then viewers at the front seat should not view it as the driver’s mind could be diverted and neither it’s safe for eyes too.

There are different types of DVD systems available in the market. Do carefully choose as in car DVD systems do have to be installed wisely. Make wise decision as they are available in the market in wide ranges. First of all, if you are planning to get audio car installation fixed in your car then do care that what kind of DVD players are suitable for your car. If your car is High – Fi and if the system is of low quality then it will give your car a bizarre look. If your car is Medium type then also do not install Hi- fi DVD system as it won’t match up well up to the standard of your car. You must look for such systems that gel up with your car and the system that you can afford.

There are portable DVD systems that can be fixed between the seats and even can be plugged in the cigarette lighter area of your car. These types of systems are considered the most reasonable than the full blown inbuilt car theatre system which is much costlier than these systems. Choose the latest one as some of the providers may hand you the old design. Make sure to taste the format as different DVD’s are not compatible to DVD- RAM, DVD-RW and DVD-R. You can even opt for all in one car DVD systems which includes one videocassette player, one DVD player, one speaker and a screen. Go for component system having liquid- crystal displays.