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Holiday Shopping Car Safety Tips


The holiday shopping season is one of the many times that a car is a treasure trove for thieves. We suggest internet shopping to avoid the dangers that this time can bring. However, that is not always a viable option. To help you get through the holiday season, we have prepared a list of car safety tips.

  • Always lock your shopping bags in the trunk. When you leave items in plain sight, your car becomes an easy target and is very appealing to criminals. If your vehicle has a trunk, be sure to use it for your shopping bags to keep your vehicle protected.
  • Use a cargo cover whenever possible. There are many vehicles that have exposed cargo areas such as crossovers, SUVs, hatchbacks, and wagons. Using a cargo cover will help conceal your shopping bags and other valuables.
  • Drop off gifts at home whenever possible. To protect your vehicle from thieves, it is best to take your big ticket purchases home if you still have other trips to make. Additionally, if you have completed an extensive shopping trip, take those bags home. Making this small detour can potentially save you lots of money and grave disappointment.
  • To help conceal items, use your car’s compartments. Many modern cars have different compartments to help car owners hide items. Now it is common to have vehicles with two gloveboxes, large center consoles, and extra storage bins in the dash.  There are some crossover vehicles that have a hidden storage area underneath the cargo floor.
  • Reduce driving distractions by being hands-free. The holiday season brings a number of distractions including yelling kids, last minute relative gift request via calls and texts, as well as winter weather. While you can’t totally control kids, relatives and weather, you can definitely control how you communicate; it is important to your safety to use hands-free devices. Keep your phone synced to Bluetooth to take calls, and if answering a text can’t wait, pull over to respond.

Following the tips above, will help protect you from potential thieves. In addition be sure to stay alert, aware of your surroundings and cautious of those around you or your vehicle.

Car Safety Equipment


Automobile safety is a huge social issue that cannot be ignored. Car safety equipments and gadgets are very important for every car and car driver. Equipping your car with such safety accessories and gadgets will ensure you a safe drive, prevent your car from getting stolen and in addition to that your insurance premium rate will go down as well. These equipments are a necessity because accidents are part of life, and having such accessories will ensure a safe ride no matter what. Apart from doing the usual such as giving your car for regular maintenance, and checking small things before taking your car out such as lights, mirror, wind shield etc, you can fix such gadgets as well. With the help of advance technology we have some intelligent safety equipments today that will definitely aid you in an emergency situation and provide you maximum protection. These tips below will help you in making a decision if you are thinking about purchasing safety equipments.

Steering wheel locking device

This kind of a device on the steering wheel such as the club can be installed. This kind of a car will make it very difficult for a thief to steal the car, as they can be removed only with the help of a key.

Anti-lock brakes (ABS)

This safety system will kick in when you press the brake pedal hard, it automatically stops the wheels locking up. This anti-lock brake controller is also called as CAB (Controller Anti-lock Brake). This helps you to brake at the same time steer the car giving you more control over managing the vehicle. It is basically designed to aid a driver while breaking, especially on slippery roads. In an emergency situation as soon as you hit the brakes, and try to turn, you will find that the steering isn’t working. Your car just skids out of control, this is because the wheels are locked up as you are pressing down on the brake pedal. Therefore you cannot steer properly, this ABS prevents such a situation from arising.

Tire locks

This is another very popular anti-theft device. There are several types of tire locks for cars, trailers, mini vans etc, to suit personal needs. A tire lock on your car will prevent the car from moving.

Traction control

Traction control system also known as TCS, is a software which is used to stabilize traction, whenever the grip of the car tire is slipping. The need for a traction control system is due to the slip of the vehicle’s wheels which will lead to loss of road grip this usually results in loss of steering control over the vehicle. They are mostly used in race cars and motorbikes, because of the high acceleration. At the same time just because a traction control safety system is installed does not mean one can drive in conditions beyond the drivers’ control. Installing traction control will not prevent vehicles from getting stuck in the snow either. This safety system only tries a vehicle’s wheels from spinning. Traction control is a must have if you are one who travels in bad whether often.

Tracking devices

Tracking devices are usually installed inside cars, to make sure the car is tracked in case stolen. These tracking devices are directly linked to a satellite, which will help determine the exact location of the car so that it can be recovered. They might be a little expensive, but you will thank your lucky stars for installing such a device in case unfortunately your car gets stolen. You can find a variety of such devices in the market the come in different ranges and have different features.

Air bags

Air bags provide additional safety along with seat belts; these are essential devices in every car. An airbag is nothing but a big soft air pillow located between the driver and the steering wheel. This safety option might seem like a simple device but it has saved the lives of thousands of people, in dire moments.

Crumble zones

Another amazing invention is the crumble zone or the crush zone. These refer to certain parts of a vehicle which are designed to crumple in case of a collision. As these areas crumble they absorb the intensity or energy of the collision, preventing the impact from being transmitted to those inside the vehicle. Such inventions like the crumble zone, air bags, padded interiors etc help to reduce the impact of the accident or collision.

Car Safety Is Very Important


Operating a car is a bit more than simply turning the key , positioning it in drive, and pressing the gas. Many new drivers feel as though that is all it usually is, but there are a lot of items that really need to be grasped regarding the auto to make it possible for you and your youngsters have a harmless driving experience. Many people take these wellbeing devices for granted untill either anyone is severely hurt, or worse killed. Why take the probability? You should read and discover why it is important to follow these reliable points, because your life depends on it!

Understanding the safety of your vehicle:

• Lights. Brake lights and turn signals and headlights are usually safety features of your car… make sure that you just employ them, and make sure that none of your light bulbs have burned-out.

• Mirrors. Appropriately line up your door mirrors and rear view mirror to aid get rid of blind places. Bear in mind, though, that in spite of your mirrors effectively aligned, you’ll still have blind locations, so be sure to investigate all of them before you change lanes or drive backwards.

• Seatbelts. Seatbelts stop you from truly being thrown frontward and even from being ejected from the auto.

• Bumpers. Bumpers were created to face up to a smaller crash without damaging the main physical structure work of your respective car.

• Airbags. In this time and age, there are not simply just front air bags, you can also get side airbags in addition to window curtain safety bags. These types of air bags safeguard individuals heads in the event of an accident. Airbags can be hazardous to infants, thus you’ll want to check out your user guide just before placing a child in the front seats.

• Anti-lock braking system (ABS). Anti-lock brakes will be able to shorten your stopping time through process of stopping the brakes from locking and allowing you to lose traction while stopping.

• Four wheel drive. Wheel spin is less likely if the power is distributed evenly to all 4 wheels.

• Four wheel steering. This offers a person better and a lot more accurate maneuvering capability at higher rates of speed.

These are just a few items of car safety that are becoming put into nearly all automobiles right now. You can also get more uncommon forms of car safety (which might be thriving in level of popularity) just like dynamic steering response (DSR), lane departure warning system (LDWS), directional headlights, inboard braking system, traction control system (TCS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Onstar For My Vehicle (FMV) and other intriquing, notable and safe technology.

Of course, although you have a vehicle with side curtain air bags in addition to four wheel drive and also a lane departure warning system, it does not suggest that you can drive totally care free, believing that the car is going to take care of you.

Even while progress in motor vehicle safety are making modern day autos ever more safe, they are only trustworthy every time a pretty safe driver is in the driver’s seat. Car safety depends on you, the driver.

Think Before and During Your Drive:

• Be completely sober!

• Constantly wear your seatbelt.

• You shouldn’t talk on the cell phone even when operating your vehicle… the more consideration you pay to your pal on the other line, the less interest you are generally paying to the street, and the other way around. This holds true regardelss of whether or not you’ve got a hands-free mobile phone! A person’s driving a vehicle time isn’t the time for you to be multi-tasking.

• You should not eat while driving. Never read, put on make-up, or dress while driving, either!

• Keep both hands on the steering wheel. (That means NO TEXTING!)

• Follow the posted speed limit.

• Drive slower in poor conditions (or tend not to travel whatsoever!)

• By no means tailgate. You’ll want to continually leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front of yours.

• Find escape avenues. Make sure that you leave yourself enough room that you could change lanes rapidly (with out bumping anything) just in case you will find there’s a dilemma (such as a deer, a different motor vehicle not necessarily noticing you and altering lanes, etc.). Always have an outlet. Don’t let other cars and trucks box you in.

• Drive Defensively. Stay relaxed. Do not help other individuals bother you. Should they cut you off, leave it at that. Ensure your annoyance with these individuals won’t force you to cut an individual off!

• In case you are drowsy, you should never drive.

• Stay out of other people’s sightless locations.

• Consider prospective “problems.” For example, in the event that there are actually young ones playing with a ball, bear in mind that some might follow it in the street.

• Try to avoid travel considerably at the hours of darkness.

• Carry out standard servicing on your automotive!

There are numerous things that you can use in order to maintain car safety. Sometimes a major accident may be another driver’s mistake, yet most of the time even these mishaps may have been averted should you have had done one thing in a different way (not to imply it is your fault if a second motor vehicle hits you!)

Car safety is essential, for that reason be sure that your car is as risk-free as possible so you are, too!